Merchiston Community Council
26 October 2014 
Speaking up for the people of Merchiston  
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Next Meeting

21 October 2014

Merchiston Tennis and Bowling Club

All Residents welcome

Edinburgh Napier's Scottish Community Council's Survey
Edinburgh Napier University reports the results of a survey, carried out in late spring 2014, of the public web presences of potentially over 1300 Scottish Community Councils (CCs). It follows on from similar survey in summer 2012. Link to survey

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Your City Councillors
Ward 9
Andrew Burns (Labour)
Gavin Corbett (Green)
David Kay (SNP)
Ward 10
Paul Godzik (Labour)
Sandy Howat (SNP)
Melanie Main (Green)
Mark McInnes (Conservative)

See our Community Services Page for your MSPs