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23 April 2014 
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Here you will find information about Merchiston Community Council, who we are, where we are, what we do and how you can have a say in local affairs. We shall also tell you a little about the area, the history, facilities and services.

Merchiston Community Council serves the area bounded by Newbattle Terrace in the south, Whitehouse Loan and Viewforth in the east, Dundee Street and Slateford Road to the north and Gray’s Loan and Cowan Road in the west. Check out our Boundaries page for further details.

We also include a few links to the websites of other organisations and useful contact details to access services in the area. Please have a look around the 40+ pages and be in touch. We look forward to meeting with you at the next meeting we hold in public.

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20 May 2014

Merchiston Tennis and Bowling Club

All Residents welcome

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Update - Action on Urban Gulls

As part of the consultation on City of Edinburgh’s Draft Budget for the year 2014-2015 Merchiston Community Council (MCC) has submitted a proposal for a gulls de-nesting service.
In 2012 MCC was successful in proposing a service for a number of tenement streets in North Merchiston. It resulted in 107 nests and 165 eggs being removed and a significant reduction in the nuisance caused by breeding families of gulls. But in 2013 the Transport and Environment Committee refused to allow the service to run again stating “there was no money in the budget for it.”  
In reality the 2012 pilot was run without a budgetary allocation and with no detrimental impact on the other pest control services offered by the City Council.  
MCC has now however proposed a number of options - a further one year pilot in North Merchiston. Cost £9000.  Or a 5 year pilot in North Merchiston. Cost £45,000.   
UK wide the gulls population is estimated to be growing at an average of 20 percent a year and gulls are recognized as problem in a number of areas in Edinburgh.  MCC has therefore suggested the option that a gulls denesting service be offered in a number of neighbourhoods – at a cost of £150,000 a year.  This is in the context of the Environmental Services budget of £87.9 million.  
To read the full submission click under ISSUES.

'Living on water' pilot evaluation now published
With the Union Canal bisecting our area and being a great leisure facility it may be of interest that permanent residential canal boats have been proposed by the City of Edinburgh Council in various proposals in recent years and a pilot has been running at Leamington Wharf.
Click on the link here to read about the pilot evaluation

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