Merchiston Community Council
21 December 2014 
Speaking up for the people of Merchiston  
Below are boundaries for MCC and all active CCs in Edinburgh. We are also providing a map of the CPZ boundaries

Community Council Boundary

Merchiston Community Council serves the area bounded by Newbattle Terrace in the south, Whitehouse Loan and to include the west side of Leamington Terrace in the east, Dundee Street and Slateford Road to the north and Gray’s Loan and Cowan Road in the west. As well as the tenement and villa areas we have the Shandon and Ashley Terrace Colonies and the Thorneil Village with a few modern build areas, primarily along the canalside. So, very diverse housing stock is available within our boundaries.
Our boundary no longer matches City Council or Parliamentary boundaries. The map below should give you an idea of what streets are within our boundary.

Do click on it to see a version which you can enlarge. For this you will need Adobe Reader

Download it here if you do not already have it.

Proposed 20MPH restriction Zone

Please see the Current issues page for more details e.g.

What height will the road humps be?
The road humps will be 75mm high. This height has been chosen to reduce the chances of vehicles grounding, minimise noise and pollution, while still effectively achieving a speed reduction consistent with a 20mph speed limit.

How many accidents have been caused by excess speed in this area in the past 5 years - none

CPZ (Controlled Parking Zone) Boundaries

The CPZ boundaries currently in force in Edinburgh


CPZ S3 covers the majority of our area

Below is the map of all Community Council Boundaries in Edinburgh. it is on an even smaller scale but will still give you some idea of what is where. And again do click on it if you wish to see a larger version.