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Council Members

Merchiston Community Council has a number of elected members. If you’d like to contact any of us, please fill in the contact form.

Chair: Tom Graveson I am recently retired and have lived in the area for over forty years. On the Community Council I attend South West Neighbourhood Partnership Meetings and Community Walkabouts. Toms photo
Vice-Chair: Mairianna Clyde

I’ve been a member of MCC for about ten years. My main roles are in planning, where I act as the planning lead, but I’m also interested in traffic, parking (ensuring the Controlled Parking Zones are working effectively), health and well-being, and parks and green-spaces. I usually represent MCC at the walkabouts undertaken by South West Neighbourhood Partnership in the Ward 9 part of the community council area. (So if you have any issues re pavements, roads, park, email us!) I keep an eye on Harrison Park which is the only park in the MCC area, serving 25,000 people and rising! I represent MCC on the recently formed Friends group for the park, and I’m currently involved in the new ‘linear’ park group for the park-to-be along the canal at Gibson Terrace which is going to be laid out by O’Hare and McGovern, the builders for the new Boroughmuir High School, and will be on the same very congested and busy site.

I’m also involved in assisting with possible community management of a stretch of woodland that was once part of the Caledonian Railway Line which ran through North Merchiston Station to the terminus at the Caledonian Hotel. I have an allotment and am a keen grower of local food.



James Geekie

I have served on MCC since the mid-1980s. I actually twice became a member through contested elections, first representing North Merchiston Residents Association in a Nominated Groups election, and then three years later as an individual on the only occasion when there were more candidates than vacancies, resulting in a full-scale poll.

A retired schoolteacher, I take an interest in local education issues. I regularly participate in Walkabouts in the SWNP part of our area and attend SWNP meetings as a substitute when required.



Frances Hawarden

Minute Secretary:

Guillaume Evrard

Daniel Cairns
Ian Clement
Ian Doig

I have been an MCC Committee Member since 2005 & have lived in Merchiston since 1982. Professionally, I am an accountant & am currently self-employed as a non-executive director & independent consultant.

My particular MCC interests are Public Safety, Policing, Environmental Issues & Community Involvement.

I have been closely involved in addressing parking issues in Merchiston, including monitoring Controlled Parking Zones (CPZ).

I act as Chair of the CEC Funding Panel for the South West Community Partnership, which awards community grants to a range of organisation across SW Edinburgh.

I am a founder member of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for Merchiston & Polwarth. I previously represented MCC on the Community Safety Action Group for South West Edinburgh.

I previously represented MCC on the Edinburgh Association of Community Councils (EACC).

My other activities include Trustee Board Member of the National Trust for Scotland, Board Member of the Care Inspectorate, Board Member of the National Records of Scotland & previously Board Member of SEPA & SSSC.

Ian Photo - Lynn Connor 2
Hugh Halcrow
Joan M Houston
Vivien Kitteringham
Ewan Klein
Robin Morris Freelance sports journalist former banker who should be retired but is still working at his hobby, has lived locally most of his life and been on the Community Council for over 15 years specially involved in licensing, planning and the Meadows and Bruntsfield Links.
Bridget Stevens Former MCC Chair, currently our representative on various CEC committees. Member of Management Committee of Dig-In community greengrocer; Chair of SEAFA (South Edinburgh Arts Fair Association) which organises an annual public event designed to showcase the many opportunities which exist in this area for people aged over 50 to become involved in interesting, enjoyable and useful activities – such as joining MCC! Bridget
Edward Tate
Helen Zealley