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  1. Esh Communities 2016-2017 grant scheme

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    Esh Communities was set up in 2012 to distribute Esh’s Charitable Trust grant support fairly and equally across Esh operating regions. Since its formation the Esh Charitable Trust has granted over £100,000 to good causes improving the lives thousands of people. Esh Communities accepts grant…

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  2. Active Communities Funding Campaign

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    Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations’ Council are working with People’s Health Trust to help deliver project funding for community organisations, and groups across Edinburgh. The People’s Health Trust’s aim is to create a society without health inequalities, by investing in people with great ideas to create fairer…

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  3. South Centra£ Decides again!

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    Reminder that your application should be submitted by FRIDAY 20 JANUARY 2017 – so if you are interested please get a move on! Once again the Scottish Government has awarded the South Central Neighbourhood Partnership £10,000 which will be matched by the Neighbourhood Partnership, making…

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